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Work in Canada

Working in Canada has many advantages. Canadian labour laws ensure that workplaces provide a high level of safety and that all employers comply with specific laws and regulations to ensure the health of their employees. In addition, Canadian salaries are very competitive and foreign nationals are required by law to be offered a salary equivalent to that of their Canadian counterparts. Finally, some Canadian work permits allow the worker's spouse and children to accompany them to Canada. Another important benefit for those who want to immigrate to Canada permanently is that by gaining Canadian work experience, foreign citizen can increase their eligibility for specific Canadian immigration programs. The following programs place value, to varying degrees

There are different options for applying for a Canadian work permit. Some work permits require a job offer from a Canadian employer. Some require the employer to provide a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), while others need someone to have a kinship with Canada (previous studies, spousal sponsorship, etc.). Please refer to the categories below to determine the work permit that best suits your qualifications: Request a Labor Market Impact Assessment(LMIA)

- LMIA Work Permits
- Global Talent Stream
- LMIA-Exempt Work Permits
- NAFTA Work Permits
- CETA Work Permits
- Intra-Company Transfers
- Canada Investor Work Permit
- Open Work Permits


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