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Manitoba PNP Program

Located in one of the prairie provinces of western Canada, Manitoba is a province built on generations of rich agricultural production. Manitoba is home to the city of Winnipeg and borders the province of Ontario to the east and the province of Saskatchewan to the west.

Each year some 15,000 people from countries all over the world move to Manitoba, finding in this Canadian province new jobs and careers, friendly communities and affordable family living. Newcomers choose Manitoba for many reasons. Some choose Manitoba to be closer to family, some for employment opportunities, and for others it is an attraction to a part of Canada that is not too big and not too small. Manitoba immigrants are succeeding! According to a recent survey, 85 per cent of Manitoba provincial nominees were working three months after arrival , 76 per cent were homeowners within five years and 95 per cent of families settle permanently in the community, making Manitoba their new home.

The Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway:

This program is designed for business owners or senior managers willing to establish a company in Manitoba. The entrepreneur pathway of the Points Based System is for entrepreneurs, who are interested in moving to Manitoba and investing by setting up a business, purchasing an existing one, and being actively involved in management of and the running of the businesses in the province of Manitoba with a minimum capital of $ 150,000 CAD outside of the capital region or $250,000 CAD within the capital region.

Program Requirements:

- Language Proficiency    CLB 5 
- Level of Education    High school
- Work Experience    3 years, business owner or senior manager
- Investment Requirement Investment: $150,000 CAD or $250,000 CAD
- Net Worth: $500,000 CAD

Timeline and Procedure: 

Step 1: Self-Assess Your Eligibility and Business Research
Step 2: Submit Your Expression of Interest to the MPNP
Step 3: Receive an LAA and Submit Your Complete Application
Step 4: Assessment of Your Application
Step 5. Establish Your Business in Manitoba and Fulfill the BPA
Step 6: Final Recommendation


1-Age (15)
2-Business Knowledge (15)
3-Business Experience (15)
4-Net worth (15)
5-English and or French fluency (20)
6-Enhanced Settlement Factors (20)
     (Total Points 100 )


If you own multiple businesses, only the percentage of ownership of the main/principal business will be considered If your spouse owns shares in the same business, the combined ownership will be counted together for the purpose of this criterion In order to score the maximum 15 points you have to have more than 50% ownership as Business Owner and manager


The length of experience will be scored based only on senior management or business ownership experience as defined by the MPNP-B. No points will be awarded for other experience.


Your minimum personal net worth must be at least of CDN$500,000. In order to receive maximum 15 points your net worth must be above CDN$2.5 Million.


Applicants are assigned points based on their Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level. To be scored for this criterion, an applicant must submit test results from an approved language testing organization as proof of language proficiency. In order to receive scores under this scoring section, your language proficiency score must be at least 4 CLB.


You will receive points based on your Settlement Factors. The MPNP-B allots an additional 15 points if you conduct an Exploratory Visit to Manitoba. The maximum combined score available under enhanced factors is 20 points. 


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