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Global Talent Stream

A two-year pilot project to hire highly skilled international talent began on June 12, 2017, under the Temporary Foreign Workers Program; the Global Talent Stream is a new streamlined process. The Global Talent Stream pilot project is an integral part of the Innovation and Skills Plan, whose primary goal is to make Canada a leading innovation hub. The main feature of this pilot program is the Labor Market Benefits Plan, which describes specific benefits to the Canadian labor market and the Canadian economy, and employers are required to provide activities and objectives for each benefit. When recruiting highly skilled international talent, the employer must commit to providing more mandatory and additional benefits depending on the category to which he is applying:

Category A :

 referred to the Global Talent Stream by one of the designated partners of Global Talent Stream; hire unique and specialized talent; mandatory services for category A: Job creation,

Category B:
only occupations on the list of worldwide talent occupations; mandatory services for category B: more investment in skills and training.


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