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Canada Permanent Resident Card Renewal

Canadian permanent residents are always encouraged to have a genuine permanent resident card. A permanent resident card not only allows a permanent resident to prove status but also allows a person to travel in and out of the country freely. If the permanent resident card is within 9 months of its expiration, or if the card has expired, the permanent resident may submit a request to replace their permanent resident card.
To renew a permanent resident card, an applicant must submit a complete paper application to one of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada's Permanent Resident Card Application Centers (IRCCs). Once submitted, as long as the application is complete and the permanent resident meets all the requirements, a replacement Permanent Resident Card will be issued. It should be noted that permanent resident status does not expire when a person's permanent resident card expires. A person can only lose their permanent resident status if it goes through an official process. 


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